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icky tooth

Icky Tooth: The Dental Hygiene Movie


duet for clean hands


Duet for Clean Hands: The Hand Hygiene Primer

2 DVD multi-lingual set!


ORL Productions began as the hobby of ear, nose and throat physician Ben Lounsbury who made funny movies for hospital Christmas parties. He named the "production company" Otorhinolounsburgology Productions after his specialty (otorhinolaryngology). This mouthful of a name was abbreviated to ORL Productions to make life easier for everyone.

The first ORL movie intended for a wider audience was "Why Don't We Do It In Our Sleeves?" It was Dr. Lounsbury's answer to the lack of response he saw during the bird flu scare when authorities were trying to teach hygienic coughing and sneezing. It has been a huge success because it is entertaining AND it works! People of all ages change the way they cough and sneeze as a result of watching the video.

ORL Productions aims to make laugh and learn health education videos because we believe learning is often best achieved with humor. We hope to make the process of spreading good health habits fun for everyone involved. We do not receive any outside support, so the sale of DVDs and video licenses is what enables us to continue producing our videos about critical health issues in multiple languages.

Located in the twin cities of Lewiston/Auburn, Maine, ORL Productions is truly a community effort. Many community members help in the production of our videos and provide valuable feedback. We are grateful to our community for this support.

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